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Bathy CODE CORIOLIS DATASET Data collecting Engineering Evaluation Fisheries Fleet Flotte Halieutic INSITU Interface Java MARS Matlab PROGRAM Python R R&D RH SALINITY SCRIPT SIH Scientific Simulation TEMPERATURE Visualization WAVEWATCH III Web acoustics acoustique analysis argo campagnes a la mer data mining indicateurs indicators lpo sea surveys stock assessment validation
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COPODA - COPODA is a Matlab package providing new objects to manage, manipulate and work with hydrographic datas from various origins. The primary goal of COPODA is to provide an uniform and collaborative platform for diagnostics development under Matlab.
Tags: analysis, argo, campagnes a la mer, Data collecting, data mining, DATASET, lpo, Matlab, validation

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Registered: 2014-01-09 16:45

echoR - This page is deprecated, the EchoR repository has been moved to Gitlab: https://gitlab.ifremer.fr/md0276b/echor
Tags: R, acoustique, acoustics, stock assessment, campagnes a la mer, sea surveys, indicateurs, indicators, Scientific, Evaluation, RH

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Registered: 2012-08-30 12:39

oceanotron - Modular server for ocean observations (vertical profiles,point series,trajectories,...) dissemination: -into frontends (OPeNDAP,OGC/WMS, ...), -from storageUnits (MyOcean, OceanSites, NODCs...). -online transformations may be applied in between.
Tags: campagnes a la mer, CORIOLIS, DATASET, Engineering, INSITU, Python, SALINITY, Scientific, TEMPERATURE, Web
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Registered: 2008-11-12 17:44