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CODE CORIOLIS DATASET Data collecting Engineering Evaluation Fisheries Fleet Flotte Halieutic INSITU Interface Java MARS Matlab PROGRAM Python R R&D RH SALINITY SCRIPT SIH Scientific Simulation TEMPERATURE Visualization WAVEWATCH III Web acoustics acoustique analysis argo campagnes a la mer data mining indicateurs indicators lpo sea surveys stock assessment validation
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oceanotron - Modular server for ocean observations (vertical profiles,point series,trajectories,...) dissemination: -into frontends (OPeNDAP,OGC/WMS, ...), -from storageUnits (MyOcean, OceanSites, NODCs...). -online transformations may be applied in between.
Mots clefs : campagnes a la mer, CORIOLIS, DATASET, Engineering, INSITU, Python, SALINITY, Scientific, TEMPERATURE, Web
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Profile Classification Model - The project has to moved to: **** **** Profile Classification Modelling (PCM) is an emerging scientific analysis approach based on in situ profiles classification that can be used in a variety of oceanographic problems (front detection, water mass identification, natural region contouring, reference profile selection for validation, etc ...). It is being developed at Ifremer/LOPS with collaboration with Telecom Bretagne since 2015 and is now mature enough (with publication and communications) to be distributed and made available publicly for continuous improvements with a community development. Reference: Maze, G., et al. Coherent heat patterns revealed by unsupervised classification of Argo temperature profiles in the North Atlantic Ocean. Prog. Oceanogr. (2017), You can send emails for registration or information requests at: You can download the 1st dataset release from North-Atlantic Argo data:
Mots clefs : CODE, data mining, Matlab, Python

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VACUMM - Validation, Analyse, Comparaison dU Modèle Mars Utilitaires en script Shell, Ferret et python pour valider, analyser les sorties du modèle MArs et comparer avec données in-situ.
Mots clefs : Python, MARS

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