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Source Code Repository for DCB-IDM-ISI

Documentation for Subversion (“SVN”) is available at http://svnbook.red-bean.com/.

Anonymous Subversion Access

This project's SVN repository can be checked out through anonymous access with the following command(s).

svn checkout https://scmforge.ifremer.fr/anonscm/svn/dcb-idm-isi/trunk

Developer Subversion Access via DAV

Only project developers can access the Subversion tree via this method. Substitute developername with the proper value. Enter your site password when prompted.

svn checkout --username developername https://scmforge.ifremer.fr/authscm/developername/svn/dcb-idm-isi/trunk

Subversion Repository Browser

Browsing the Subversion tree gives you a view into the current status of this project's code. You may also view the complete histories of any file in the repository.

[Browse Subversion Repository]

Repository History
Data about current and past states of the repository.
Name Adds Updates
Leo BRUVRY-LAGADEC 6869 9506
Frederic MERCEUR 19737 2668
Elgan ROLLAND 2787 4774
Bertrand AMELINE DE CADEVILLE 1569 4944
Thomas LOUBRIEU 345 1313
Philippe RANNOU 289 584
Sophie GILLOT 685 36
Clement LAMY 16 494
Ayoub BOUARRHA 24 340
Glenn JUDEAU 60 149
Thomas ANSQUER 27 63
Jerome DETOC 0 10
Total: 32408 24881