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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a member, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Summary Open Date Last Modified
Denis CROIZE-FILLON Contact Denis CROIZE-FILLON Senior Developer View
Cecile PERTUISOT Contact Cecile PERTUISOT Senior Developer View
Frederic PAUL Contact Frederic PAUL Senior Developer View
Alain COAT Contact Alain COAT Senior Developer View
Stephane RAYNAUD (IFREMER) Contact Stephane RAYNAUD (IFREMER) Senior Developer View
Jonathan WILKINS Contact Jonathan WILKINS Admin, Senior Developer View
Benoit (extranet) GORDET Contact Benoit (extranet) GORDET Senior Developer View
Wenceslas DUROS Contact Wenceslas DUROS Senior Developer View
David JONCOURT Contact David JONCOURT Senior Developer View
Mickael TREGUER Contact Mickael TREGUER Senior Developer View
Cedric PREVOST Contact Cedric PREVOST Senior Developer View
Antoine QUERIC Contact Antoine QUERIC Senior Developer View
Corentin GUYOT Contact Corentin GUYOT Senior Developer View
Antoine GROUAZEL Contact Antoine GROUAZEL Junior Developer View
Forge DUIFREMER Contact Forge DUIFREMER Junior Developer View
Stephane TAROT Contact Stephane TAROT Support Tech View
Thierry CARVAL Contact Thierry CARVAL Support Tech View
Jean-Francois LE ROUX Contact Jean-Francois LE ROUX Support Tech View
Delphine BOULANGER Contact Delphine BOULANGER Support Tech View
Jean-Francois PIOLLE Contact Jean-Francois PIOLLE Support Tech View
Jean-Luc MATHIEU Contact Jean-Luc MATHIEU Support Tech View
Karen CORDIER Contact Karen CORDIER Admin View
Thomas LOUBRIEU Contact Thomas LOUBRIEU Admin View
Aurelie BRIAND Contact Aurelie BRIAND Admin View
Julien MEILLON Contact Julien MEILLON Admin View
Armel BONNAT Contact Armel BONNAT Admin View