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This page contains all the materials (or links to it) related to installing and running WW3, except for "triangles stuff" which is on a separate page.

Course material

Generalities about WAVEWATCH III (R)
How to run WW3
On the development of WW3
Time integration in WW3
Grid generation with gridgen
Subgrid islands in WW3
Running WW3 in parallel, including multigrids


compiling the model
Running the model, single grid
regression testing

Tutorials: hands-on lab

Exercise 0: first step on ww3 wiki and caparmor use

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Exercise 1: installing and compiling WW3

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Exercise 2: Setting up and running a test case. Example of Lake Victoria

text for "Lake Victoria"

As it happens for anything new, there are conventions that you may find rather bizarre. If you later work with nearshore applications, you may want to be particularly careful about the way the depths are defined. See this page .

Exercise 3: Numerical effects: time stepping

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Exercise 4: regression testing

text for "regression testing" The regtest environment provides an easy way to test many different features of WW3, and its test cases give you a wide variety of input files to get inspiration from.

Exercise 5: grid generation with gridgen

text for "grid generation with gridgen" This gridgen package, developped by A. Chawla at NCEP is based on Matlab. An earlier version was adapted for Octave by A. Sepulveda.

The process of re-defining the mask at the end of the grid generation can use some text-defined polygon or a point-an-click method as done in the following maskmod_click.m

Additional resources

Relevant publications

  • Tolman (2002a): Alleviating the garden sprinkler effect in wind wave models
  • Tolman (2003): Treatment of unresolved islands and ice in wind wave models
  • Chawla and Tolman (2007) : Automated grid generation for WAVEWATCH-III
  • Tolman (2002b): Distributed memory concepts in the wave model WAVEWATCH-III