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local organization

preparation of slides and tutorial material

  • Day 1: one last tutorial from Fabrice
  • Day 2: work to do ...



  • Fabrice & all: selecting fortran programs and preparing a makefile for these

USB thumb drive to be distributed (4 Gb)

Contents and folder structure are created here: /home9/caparmor/ardhuin/USB_WAVES_SCHOOL Be careful with the 4Gb limit.

  • The virtual machine was just too big: will be put of ftp

Computer accounts at IEUM

  • Assign account numbers to participants
  • prepare a $PATH and other settings : PATH should include ${HOME}/TOOLS/EXE and ${HOME}/bin
  • prepare a "UNIX basics" sheet, including info for ssh / scp without password.

other stuff

  • Create an account on one of the PCs + caparmor for Henrique so that he can test out all the installation of WW3.

last week infos

  • Bring your personal laptop for friday hands on
  • Inform about the new ftp password
  • give information about the caparmor / extranet accounts: tell people how long the account will be open ... (add a wiki page about it: how to connect ?)


  • resources:
     external: 1400€ (UBO account)
     LAbex Axe 7: mission for Aron. 
  • spending:
      aron travel : OK (Labex, axe 7)
      aron accomodation : OK  (Labex, axe 7)
      henrique travel : OK (1600€) ->F03
      henrique accomodation : TODO (120.50€ * 7days = 843.50€): paid by Ifremer  (IOWAGA) 
      coffee break ifremer : (250€)
      coffee break iuem : TODO (~200€)
      restaurant monday : TODO (~700€)   
      rodney accomodation : TODO (60€ * 5days = 300€)

Information to / from participants

Access information

missing for Henrique Alves. 

information to be distributed this week

for participants

 Dear colleagues, 
 We are looking forward to see you all in Brest in 2 weeks (november 4 before 10 AM). More information will be given on our wiki pages. 
 Here are some information to help you prepare for it. 
 First please read the licence information:   http://tinyurl.com/iowagaftp/pub/HINDCAST/publications/WW3_early_distribution.pdf 
 With all our apologies, the old password had to be changed, so the code is available here :  

for the iowaga_users list

apologies for those who were not included in November course + info on streaming + preparation for March 2014.

Send out a questionnaire requesting the following

  • All data need for access on Ifremer campus (passport number ...)
  • ask for flight information (for possible transfer to / from airport)
  • ask if coming with poster
  • suggest choice of hotels...
  • ask a few questions about abilities in UNIX, shell ...

this is done ... FA received replies from: