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The "waves school" will start on November 4 or November 5 (if 4 days only). It is intended for graduate students, post-docs, researchers, engineers or consultant that are dealing with ocean wave data of one form or another. The school will draw from the latest developments made possible by the IOWAGA, NOPP-waves, & Previmer, projects, and will benefit from the new (beta) release of the WAVEWATCH III (R) version 4 from NOAA/NCEP.

The program is designed in such a way that people that only use wave data and do not want to run a model can attend day 1 & 2 while the real brave geeks that actually want to install WAVEWATCH III and run the thing will be welcome to stay until late Friday.

  • Day 1 Morning (lectures)
  • basic principles of ocean waves: elevations, velocities pressure.... and spectra
  • different spectral wave parameters: what can be measured and what is usually measured
  • wave databases: altimeter and SAR data, buoy data, seismic noise
  • examples of ocean engineering applications: long term statistics and ... (TBD)
  • Day 1 afternon (hands-on practical training)
  • Day 2:
  • parameterizations in wave models and impacts on various quantities: from Hs to air-sea fluxes
  • wave model numerics
  • Day 2 afternon (hands-on practical training)
  • Day 3:
  • Basic information on installing and running WAVEWATCH III
  • wave model numerics
  • Day 3 afternon (hands-on practical training)


Additional resources

[ http://polar.ncep.noaa.gov/waves/workshops/WinterSchool2013/ | The 2012 WW3 winter school at UM ]