En:using ww3:2013 fall waves school:alpha-4.12-bugs


Issues in the 4.12 tar package have led to a new wwatch3.alpha.4.12b.tar.gz package. Here are a few bugs found in that new package ...

Frequency spectrum output

A factor TPI= 2*pi may be missing in w3iogomd.ftn. It should be like this :

         IF ( FLOGRD( 3, 1).AND.(IK.GE.E3DF(2,1).AND.IK.LE.E3DF(3,1)))   &
           EF(JSEA,IK)  = EBD(IK,JSEA) * TPI

Extrapolation of tidal analysis

The mean values were wrongly extrapolated with negative values becoming positive.