This tools transforms a grid based on rectangles (regular or curvilinear) into a GMSH grid to be used by WWATCH. On caparmor, the executable is at ~previww3/TOOLS/EXE/GRIDMARStoGMSH

The program reads 3 arguments from the command line

  • name of the regular/curvilinear grid file
  • number of points on first grid dimension NX
  • number of points in second grid dimension NY

Here is an example

GRIDMARStoGMSH iman_maillage1 464 249

The grid file is exepected to contain 3 arrays of NX*NY real values that contain, in this order

  1. Longitudes (in degrees)
  2. Latitudes (in degrees)
  3. Depths (in meters)

Missing values are expected to be set to -999 or some lower number.