En:flux air-mer


Momentum fluxes

From the WWATCH output parameter one can build the momentum flux vector for the ocean mean flow, as can be used in a model of the ocean circulation.

If the circulation model works with the quasi-Eulerian momentum, then the two components of the surface flux of momentun are

  • rho_a*|ust|*ust_x +rho_w*(two_x-taw_x)
  • rho_a*|ust|*ust_y +rho_w*(two_y-taw_y)



This uses the air-side friction velocity computed by the wave model, which may not contain air-sea stability effects (in the case of the TEST441b parameterization on the Ifremer ftp database, this is the case, there is no stability correction yet).

Another alternative is to recompute ustx and usty from the Charnock parameter cha .

Energy fluxes

… to be filled in …