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Oceanotron description

Oceantron is a web server dedicated to the dissemination of ocean in-situ observation.

The software architecture rely on a shared model of the ocean in-situ observation (Point feature, Profile feature , PointSerie feature, Trajectory feature, FeatureCollection…).This model, although derived from CSML work (http://csml.badc.rl.ac.uk/), is as independant as possible from any technical protocol or format (OGC, OPeNDAP, netCDF).

Besides, plugins (businessUnit and frontdesks) are connected to the system to :

  • storageUnit : read dataset from persisitence layer (DBMS, files, …)
  • transformationUnit : transform the datasets (change parameters names, interpolation, split Trajectory into Points observation, …)
  • frontDesk : parse data request and format the result into specific protocols (OPeNDAP/Dapper, OGC/WFS, OGC/SWE, …)

Each of these components should be considered as a specific workshop on a production line. Each minds a specific business : get observation from a specific repository, transform them according to a known procedure, pack and send the observation as requested by a user.

A manager synchronises the transmission of the features through the production lines for each user request. The manager handles multi-session requests (in case a user can not get its whole pack of observations in a single request).


figure 1 : oceanotron as a distributed software managing storage, transformation and dissemination business.

The different business units and frontdesk speaks together the same language (API) which is described in a specific package called ValueObjects:

Gallery / Demo

Some demo maps or plots made from oceanotron data acess are available in the Gallery

A [web demo portal|http://www.ifremer.fr/oceanotronPortal] is provided to browse these distributed datasets.