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Project Filelist for VACUMM

File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: 3.4.0

Release Notes
Version 3.4.0

- New cf specs management system based on ConfigObj
- Added haversine
- Added CaseChecker and check_case
- Added vacumm_warning and vcwarn utilities
- Added fixed number of step support to lindates
- Added Dataset.get_selector
- Added Added NcIterTimeSlice
- Added match_string and match_atts
- Added logger keyword to Object
- Added ArgTuple
- Added support for non gridded variable in Dataset.get_variable
- Added support for level='3d' to Dataset
- Added grid support to grid to Dataset.get_variable
- Added clone_grid
- Added id search to ncfind_obj
- Added zerolid support to sigma and dz2depth
- Added id attribute and use it for default long_name
- Added cmap support to VAR_SPECS
- Added get_cf_cmap
- Added x and y support to autoresize in Plot
- Added special pos/neg/sym cmap name to color
- Added dicttree_get and dicttree_set
- Added dict validator for configobj
- Added register_config_validator
- Added Map.add_arcgisimage
- Added some 3d capabilities to Map
- Added some 3D support to plot_grid
- Added the axes="3d" support to Plot
- Added some 3d support for map tick labels
- Added register_dataset
- Added __getitem__ to Plot to retreive plotted objects
- Added axis attribute detection for axes.isXXX functions
- Added support to empty to all plot functions
- Added azim and elev to Plot init
- Added kwargs transfert to x/ylocator in Plot
- Added support for cfgspec to cfg2rst
- Added travis support
- Added public access to config validator functions
- Improved resol that now works with haversine
- Improved levels_mode and cmap handling in Plot
- Improved dataset._get_depth_
- Fixed selector applied to axes in Sigma._load_by_name
- Fixed ArgList
- Fixed Dataset.get_variable with non-generic variables
- Fixed sorting in list_forecast_files
- Fixed level and time slicing in Dataset
- Fixed scalar handling for create_<axis> functions
- Fixed indices2slices for a single index
- Fixed axis detection
- Fixed nccache_get_time with strict axis checking
- Fixed lat with coriolis_param
- Fixed single value case for config validators
- Fixed shapefile reading, zone clipping and x/y/min/max in Shapes
- Fixed Marigraph mean
- Fixed xaxis and yaxis for maps
- Fixed configobj.Section support to dict_merge
- Fixed format_var with physloc
- Fixed x/y/min/max in plots with no data
- Fixed Dataset.get_depth at T point