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How apply zerogradient and Dirichlet OBC for substances?Christel PINAZO12016-03-16 10:24
resize bathymetry fileOlivier LE MOINE12014-04-23 10:33
Turbulence ModelFlorence TOUBLANC12013-10-02 07:36
Restart and bilan/borderFlorence TOUBLANC32013-10-02 07:21
go varz in Ferret with siggenBenedicte THOUVENIN12013-05-27 10:29
Meteo file for the end of 2012Florence TOUBLANC22013-02-11 15:20
extract currents between 2 given depthsFlorent FOURNIER12013-02-11 14:48
wind file issueFlorent FOURNIER72013-01-30 16:34
regrid a nc file with ferret version 4Benoist HITIER02012-10-29 09:42
BMG Tools questionFlorence TOUBLANC12012-07-26 07:51
New Arpege fileSebastien THEETTEN02012-06-11 05:50
Harmonic componentsFlorence TOUBLANC02012-06-08 14:23
Problem with a very fine gridFlorence TOUBLANC22012-05-10 10:45
percentile plume with ferretBenoist HITIER02012-03-28 16:55
mars_compliant meteo file for 2011Benoist HITIER32012-01-24 13:05
homogenous and stationary meteorological forcingChristiane DUFRESNE22012-01-20 07:07
how to increase memory with ferretBenoist HITIER32011-11-24 08:45
load ascii time data to compare with model output Benoist HITIER12011-11-04 08:01
BMGTool issueThibaud DUONG52011-09-20 15:11
message d'erreur insoluble Benoist HITIER22011-09-05 16:13
how to parametrize a 3D run (soryy for the level of question)Benoist HITIER02011-04-19 16:38
sequential saveOlivier LE MOINE12011-03-05 13:54
suffixes _rsh _rlgMartin PLUS42011-02-23 11:22
need to exceed cpu time allocationBenoist HITIER22011-02-10 10:42
substances Martin PLUS32010-07-01 07:31
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