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Error : Start+count exceeds dimension boundStephane GUESDON62018-11-20 14:26
New copy config do not run : link pb with paracom.txt ?Stephane GUESDON22018-09-27 14:04
MPT: Launch error on r1i7n6.ib0.ice.ifremer.frOlivier LE MOINE62018-08-13 13:46
hc variable unknownOlivier LE MOINE32018-02-14 15:04
Charnock, tracers and salinity...Olivier LE MOINE12016-12-05 16:16
ERROR -49 = NetCDF : Variable not foundOlivier LE MOINE42016-09-20 07:43
ERROR variable tdebobs.Olivier LE MOINE32016-03-01 15:00
Erreur routine = ionc4_createfileFlorent GRASSO02015-10-23 14:42
Floating overflow ADS alertOlivier LE MOINE12015-09-17 10:20
error in unity while reading meteo fileEmmanuel CORDIER32015-04-17 12:14
Erreur routine = ionc4_sync, NetCDF: HDF errorFlorent GRASSO12015-02-27 08:12
ERROR: INITFROMFILE.F90 subroutinePierre POLSENAERE22015-02-10 08:56
error in gridmetric when calculating dx,dy...Valerie GARNIER12014-02-26 16:23
alerte ADS ; HI!!! in V9.06 versionBenoist HITIER02013-05-24 13:43
floating overflowOlivier LE MOINE22013-03-27 10:50
V9.06 : routine = ionc4_readbounds , fonction : nf90_put_var ??Solene JOUSSET12013-02-20 14:23
Restart & wet-dry pointsMartin PLUS22013-02-12 08:14
Erreur de segmentation (Core Dumped) when writting netcdf filesEric CHATEAUMINOIS22012-04-27 13:07
logical l_out_subs_diag Alice VANHOUTTE BRUNIER12012-03-09 11:19
V9.05 : Erreur : routine = ionc4_locbounds, fonction : nf90_put_var ?????Valerie GARNIER12011-11-22 09:44
tsobc3dapply segmentation fault Lena Alekseenko22011-11-29 12:54
V9.05 : Erreur : routine = ionc4_read_xy_double, ... variable :longitude_UValerie GARNIER12011-11-22 09:51
k=1 or k=10Benoist HITIER12011-09-29 09:38
Negative maximum currents with surgeIsmael BERNARD02011-08-10 14:21
TOUL V8.19 mars_exe error Celine DUFFA22011-06-15 12:27
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