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Stange behaviour and errors when running mpi 56 or 84Florian GANTHY32018-01-05 08:10
MPI RUN: exit status of rank 7: killed by signal 9Emmanuel CORDIER52015-07-13 05:02
connect huge MPI filesValerie GARNIER02015-01-08 17:28
MPI errorOlivier LE MOINE52014-04-10 15:30
MPI_Sendrecv : Message truncated, error stackFlorence CAYOCCA02014-03-31 10:14
MPI2D and diagnostic subroutineMartin PLUS72013-05-07 12:42
MPI has run out of internal group entriesEkaterini KOMBIADOU22012-11-07 14:58
"Decoupe" problem : invalid dimension ID or nameFlorence TOUBLANC32012-06-04 09:40
MPI2D not runningMartin PLUS52012-05-02 15:21
pb execution TOUL V8.19 mpiCeline DUFFA32012-04-06 09:50
V9.05 r1378 : Pb saverestart with l_out_nc4par = .true. Martin HURET32012-04-03 14:32
problem to concatanate after mpi runBenoist HITIER32012-02-14 20:37
Pb with more than 8 processorsLucia PINEAU-GUILLOU22011-09-16 13:34
save tracking point in ASCII file using MPIBenoist HITIER42011-09-09 15:33
location of tracking point whith mpi_runBenoist HITIER12011-08-17 15:29
adding a DO loopThierry PERROT42011-03-29 07:33
problem when retstarting a simulationBenoist HITIER82011-03-25 14:06
Problem with mpi.txt file with v8.17Matthieu JOUAN32011-03-25 09:47
Problem with mpi.txt file in r1098Cedric PENARD02011-03-24 16:07
Bug in decoupe.manipulation_fichiers.f90Matthieu CAILLAUD12010-11-17 11:01
launch chainBenoist HITIER12010-07-01 19:47
connect.exe : choose record ? Vincent Martin FAURE22010-06-18 12:20
MPI2D and the "decoupe" programVincent Martin FAURE42010-06-08 13:48
MPI2D : connect.exeVincent Martin FAURE22010-06-02 13:09
Output file in MPI2DMartin PLUS22010-04-19 13:46
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