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Removing the consideration of substancesStephane GUESDON22018-10-01 12:57
Bug in sedim.F90 for sediment consolidation usersBenedicte THOUVENIN02017-09-28 17:05
Salinity values keep increasing (above 34 toward 60) while model keeps runningPierre POLSENAERE32017-09-04 14:54
Modifications in sedim.F90 (erosion - consolidation)Benedicte THOUVENIN02017-08-07 16:29
Bugs in tsstateeqblumberg and dyn3dstabtsBenedicte THOUVENIN02017-08-07 13:06
First bug in V11.00 for ECOMARS users onlyBenedicte THOUVENIN02017-05-11 07:20
Bug in module substance since r2178 Benedicte THOUVENIN02016-12-14 14:23
Bug in module SEDIMARS (since r2062, V10.12)Benedicte THOUVENIN02016-04-05 13:26
Bug in submassbalance for OMP simulatonBenedicte THOUVENIN02016-04-05 13:00
Bug in V10.10 : tsauv incorrect in init.F90Matthieu CAILLAUD02015-08-26 09:20
7th bug in V9.06 : only if l_out_pack =.true. and U V high resolution outputsLucia PINEAU-GUILLOU02013-10-01 16:34
5th BUG in V9.06 (and older) IMPORTANT if you run with wet-dryingValerie GARNIER12013-06-05 15:27
6th bug in V9.06 : only if you use -Dkey_diag_physwzValerie GARNIER02013-04-25 14:28
ERROR : parameters.F90_rank4 does not existBenoist HITIER22013-04-25 14:14
4th BUG in V9.06 (and older) IMPORTANT if you use -Dkey_siggenValerie GARNIER02013-02-01 10:36
3rd BUG in V9.06 (and older) IMPORTANT if you use -Dkey_dyn_pg_djcsValerie GARNIER02013-01-17 19:06
2nd BUG in V9.06 (scheme of horizontal advection with key_siggen)Valerie GARNIER02013-01-10 14:55
1st BUG in V9.06 (key_wetdry_fct only)Valerie GARNIER12013-01-10 14:34
Substances, diagnostic variablesMartin PLUS12012-11-08 13:26
differences between H0 in champs.nc file and tracking.nc fileBenoist HITIER22012-06-01 14:25
V9.05 - Wave.F90 few bugs and a questionRomaric VERNEY12012-04-03 14:08
7th bug : sflxsurf.F90 (substance flux through atmosphere if no in-situ outflow)Benedicte THOUVENIN32012-02-02 08:41
11th bug : meteo.F90 and constant wind (in time and space)Valerie GARNIER02012-01-18 13:08
correction in outputdiag.F90Benedicte THOUVENIN02012-01-11 08:28
10th bug : V8.19 (substances over small depths)Valerie GARNIER02011-12-11 13:20
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